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World of Games 2.0 hosts a wide variety of Trading Card and Video Game events.  Ranging from Friday Night Magic, to Star City Games Modern Tournaments.  We are sure to have an event that will interest you!  Check the Calendar regularly or visit our Facebook page to make sure you don't miss out!

Monday Night - Casual Commander
Every Monday starting at 6:00 pm, all the tables are open to anyone wanting to play Commander for Magic: the Gathering.  Bring friends and your favorite deck and play against other players in the area in a multiplayer showdown!  If you want to play earlier than 6:00, bring friends to make sure you have someone to play with!
Tuesday Night - Star City Games Modern
Join us every Tuesday for one of the most popular formats for Magic: the Gathering.  Brought to you by Star City Games!  Bring your favorite deck and come battle against local players for wonderful prizes including Star City Games Pins and Tokens.  The event starts at 6:30 pm and costs $5 to play.  Come earlier to shop before everything starts!
Wednesday Night - Dungeons & Dragons
Wednesday Nights is the time reserved for your favorite tabletop RPG's!  The tables are open all day for anyone looking to play with friends!  If you are interested in Dungeons & Dragons, we are looking for DM's to host campaigns.  Admission is completely free, all you need to do is have a good time!
Friday Night - Friday Night Magic
Come play Magic: the Gathering each Friday at World of Games 2.0 for Friday Night Magic!  Ranging from Drafts to Sealed, our event of choice changes upon what everyone wants to do.  But, World of Games 2.0 always offers a draft of the most recent set of Magic: the Gathering for $10 (Excluding Masters Sets).  The event starts at 6:30 pm, prices vary depending upon the chosen game type.
Specialty Events
World of Games 2.0 hosts a wide variety of other specialty events on a regular basis that aren't part of the weekly routine.   Ranging from things such as Magic: the Gathering Pre-releases and Game Days, we offer a variety of specialty events.  Check our Calendar or Facebook page regularly to keep up-to-date on whats going on.
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